Recovery Road Online Fellowship

ZOOM Up the Highway of Hope



You are not alone. We too have suffered the consequences of gambling for too long and for too much money. Some of us played slot machines, some bet on sports, some played poker or casino games, some bought hundreds of lottery tickets, and some gambled online.


Whether our game of choice was bingo or day trading stock options, our inability to stop or control our gambling was the same. We could not stop. We tried. We swore that this time we would only gamble until we lost a certain amount of money or for some specific length of time. We pledged to ourselves that this time would be different. Yet time and time again we found ourselves losing more money and spending more time than we had planned – often times considerably more.


We came to Recovery Road Online for different reasons. Maybe a spouse has threatened to leave you, or a judge sentenced you to attend meetings. Perhaps on your last gambling spree you lost more than you ever had before, and it scared you. Maybe you had a moment of clear thinking and suddenly you knew that the problem (compulsive gambling) was out of control and you needed help. On the other hand, possibly you simply got worn down and became “sick and tired of being sick and tired”.

Whatever the reason you came here, you are welcome. We truly do not care about anything that divide people outside of our rooms. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop gambling. Even if you are not certain about whether you want to completely quit gambling, our meetings are open to anyone who even thinks they might have a gambling problem. There are also no dues or fees. As we like to say “Give Recovery Road Online a chance. If you do not like it, we will fully refund your misery!”


We hope you relate to some of the things you read in our fellowship and hear other members share at meetings. If there are things you question or disagree with, do not worry about it for we are not a cult. You are welcome to believe anything you want. Our program continues to be strengthened by the diversity of our members’ opinions and points of view.


Sadly, some of us never find recovery from compulsive gambling and wind up broke, alone, miserable, incarcerated and/or survivors of attempts at taking our own life or even victims of suicide. However, many of us in our fellowship were not only able to quit gambling, but we found an amazing and wonderful life that we never could have imagined. One member is fond of saying that “Recovery Road Online gave me the life I never knew I wanted”. We found through working the Steps of Recovery, the Promises can be yours.